Stephanie has had a long and varied career mostly in the financial field and making toffee and other goodies that delight others has long been an avocation for her.  She is delighted to finally turn her passion into a business.  




Biggie's collaboration with the uber talented Roger Akayesi could only happen in the age of the internet!   When I started Biggie's and was looking for someone to create a logo. a friend suggested I go to a website that crowdsourced design ideas via a contest format.   I had a vague idea of what I wanted for Biggie's but, not being a designer,  I was open to what creative people would come up with given my parameters.  I put in my information one evening and was delighted to find when I woke up the next morning that I had least 15 ideas in my inbox.  This grew to over 150 over a 2 week period.  As it happens, Roger's idea was the 6th one that came in and I knew the minute I saw it that he had captured what I wanted.  We have worked together ever since.   We have never met in person, but connect via the Internet every day!   I'm delighted to have Roger on the team.   Skype - rogaka 187





Biggie's Crack Toffee is handmade in Long Island City in  Queens, New York.  It would not be possible to bring you our delicious toffees without a dedicated and hardworking team headed by our Vice President, Jan Leslie Harding and our production manager,  Twyanna Andrews.  Clockwise from left to right.   Angela King, Noni Wingate, Makia King, Kevin Lewis, Twyanna Andrews, Dwight McAndrew, Jan Leslie Harding, Stephanie Golden, Etta Andrews.   



An invaluable member of the team and our true leader.  When he is not coming up with new ideas and flavors he can be found sleeping, eating, sleeping, sleeping, chasing random and sometimes invisible things and sleeping some more.